How To Quit Your Job And Kickstart Your Creative Career So You Can Do What You Love Every Day

No More Settling for a Dead-End Job or a Failing Side-Hustle That Never Seems to Pay the Bills.

Casey was an aspiring music producer stuck in a dead-end job he hated. 

Every day left his dream behind as he clocked in at the office. 

He wanted to start his real career with his own business but he didn't know where to start. So he traded his dream for another day of things being exactly the same.

One day he’d had enough of his hellhole of a job with a corporate culture that he couldn’t stand, so he stormed into the boss’s office. 

His boss hunched over his computer, wearing the standard white dress-shirt of the corporate tribe, eyes mindlessly reading the screen in front of him while nibbling on a sandwich that was dangerously close to falling apart onto his keyboard.

“I quit. Effective immediately. Thank you for the employment so far but I’m needed elsewhere.”

His boss broke out of his stupor, stunned by Casey’s words. A tomato slid out his sandwich and smeared his shirt but Casey had vanished before his former boss could react, packed up his things and left.

However, the following weekend he found himself hyperventilating into a paper bag because he had no idea how to start a business to replace his income.

After a disastrous start with terrible clients that never paid him what he was worth he was about to crawl back to corporate and beg for his job back.

Through a friendly twist of fate and before he had to tuck his tail back between his legs, he found a mentor that showed him the strategies he needed to succeed.

His mentor taught him five simple success strategies that saved his career:
  • How to find quality clients and customers that pay you what you’re worth
  • How to sell your products and services without feeling sleazy
  • How to 10X your income and create the career you want with the right habits that make success inevitable
  • ​How to understand and serve your customers so well they keep coming back for more
  • ​How to diversify your income streams so that you can future-proof your success
Question: How do you become successful in a saturated industry when you're just starting out?
For me, it started with €0.34.

Hi, I'm Björgvin Benediktsson and I'm the author of You Get What You Give. 

I wrote You Get What You Give for any creative freelancer or entrepreneur who wants to quit their job knowing they can make money from their creative skills and grow their side-hustle into a sustainable and profitable six-figure business. 

Back in 2009, in the stone-age years of the internet, I had been writing my little audio blog for a few months, publishing what I was learning as an audio engineering student at the SAE Institute campus in Madrid. 

On the side, I had enrolled in an “online business” course and one of their income-generating strategies was to earn money from Google ads. This sounded promising to me - so I added some to my site. 

Then I waited. 

Alone in my dimly lit basement apartment, I refreshed the Google Ads dashboard waiting for the big clicks to come in. 

All I got were crickets. 

Either that, or the cockroach infestation of my apartment was getting worse. 

After what felt like a billion data packets later, somebody clicked an ad on my site and it made me a whopping €0.34! 

So I did what any short-term thinking college student would do and I went out on the town to celebrate my online riches, probably spending a hundred times more in food and drinks than I earned in income. 

I quickly learned that selling advertising was a losing business strategy if you wanted to run a sustainable business, but the thrill of earning money from your own online asset was a feeling like no other. 

I wrote You Get What You Give over a decade later. 
My business had grown from an ugly looking blog earning less than a dollar to a reputable online education platform earning six figures year over year.
What you will find inside the book are some of the most important lessons I've learned as an entrepreneur since that fateful day in the basement building my business.

I've found these lessons to be the core building blocks of a sustainable business and now you will have the opportunity to implement them in yours to grow your career.
Let this short story be the inspiration you need to forge a path up your own mountain of success and make an impact in your career along the way.
 This Short And Powerful Business Book Reveals How You Can Go Pro, Make A Full-Time Income And Succeed In Your Career

Here's What You'll Get:

  • The You Get What You Give eBook in both PDF and ePub format for your e-reader of choice ($4.99)
  • ​Five exclusive Success Strategies worksheets to help you fast-track your success (FREE)

This Book Will Help Even if You’re Not Working in the Music Industry

The story of Casey is set in the music industry because it’s the landscape I am most familiar with. 

However, the business principles you’ll learn about are universal and can apply to any creative freelancer or business owner wanting to increase their income and succeed in their career.

It's a lot about business, but it's more fun because it also has a lot of rock 'n' roll!

Buy Today and Get The 5 Success Strategies For Free

Included in your purchase are the five success strategies worksheets that are referenced throughout the book. 

After you've read the book, you can apply the lessons you've learned and succeed with your business
  • The Habit Hacks to Help You Make an Impact With Your Career
  • The Success Checklist to Keep You on Track Towards Your Goals
  • The Problem-Solving Cheatsheet to Better Position Yourself as the Go-To Person in Your Industry
  • ​​The Product Brainstorm Blueprint Will Help You Diversify and Increase Your Income
  • ​​The Customer Canvas Will Help You Get More Gigs, Clients, and Customers for Your Projects

365-Day 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

You Get What You Give and the included bonuses come with a 365-day 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

If, for some reason, you don’t find them useful and valuable I’ll refund you the full $4.99 no questions asked.

Just send me an email and we’ll refund you within 24 hours.

I take my guarantee very seriously. I am not interested in keeping your money if you don’t learn anything from what I’m creating for you.

So if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. Simple as that.
Here’s to your success,
Björgvin Benediktsson

In case you scrolled all the way down here and didn't read all that, here's a quick recap for you...
  • I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for the last ten years and in that time I’ve discovered the simple success strategies you need to succeed as a creative entrepreneur, freelancer, or business owner.
  • I wrote a short business parable about a fictional music producer called Casey who quits his job to start his own business but makes all sorts of mistakes along the way. 
  • Luckily, he finds a mentor that helps him get on the right track so that he can get his business off the ground.
  • You can read all about the business strategies and marketing principles Casey learns in my story, You Get What You Give, so that you can apply them to grow your own business and succeed in your career.
  • It’s available for only $4.99 on this page and you’ll get exclusive access to five special bonuses designed to help you fast-track your success, and you’re covered by my 365-day money-back guarantee.

About Me

  Hi! I'm Björgvin Benediktsson
Don't worry, you can call me B. That's what my friends do so you can too!

I'm originally from Iceland but I've been living in the United States since 20210. I’m an author, educator, and entrepreneur and I help creatives simplify their business so that they can enjoy more free time with their family and friends.

I've run my own profitable online business in the music industry since 2009, writing books and creating digital products and courses to help my audience make better music. I've also been a coach and mentor to multiple businesses, both as a freelance marketing strategist and a guest speaker for the University of Arizona, Phoenix Startup Week, SAE Insitute Madrid, and the TENWEST Impact Festival. My advice has been featured in publications such as MusicTech magazine, Startup Tucson, The Huffington Post, CD Baby's DIY Musician's Blog, Audiotuts, and the SAE Institute.

When I'm not teaching entrepreneurs and creatives how to succeed, I like to hang out with his wife, daughter, and dog in Tucson, AZ, drink craft beer and read comic books.
" first online course launch wouldn't have been the same without him.
"With his online business experience and achievements, Björgvin has been a real model to follow. The content he provides is phenomenal and helps me a lot by giving me ideas and direction on how to organize, monetize and implement my online platform as an artist and entrepreneur. He helped me tweak the sales page copy for my first online course launch I did via email and it wouldn't have been the same without him. That course sold over $14,000 in the first couple weeks."
Chris Selim, Creator of Mixdown Online, creator of The Ultimate Guide to Cubase. 
Montreal, Canada
"If you are struggling with digital engagement you need to bring Björgvin YESTERDAY"
"Björgvin was a life saver for our team! Not only did we immediately see open-rates and engagement skyrocket, but TENWEST Festival wouldn't have been the same without him! We were under pressure and didn't have very much time to come up with a marketing strategy when Björgvin stepped in to save the day. He was able to quickly assess what communication strategy we needed and through his awesome email marketing advice, he helped us to create a solid audience engagement campaign that our attendees loved. His brilliant writing captured the spirit of our team perfectly and delighted our attendees. In fact, people came up to me during the festival just to tell me what a wonderful person I must be because of how excited and happy I sounded in our emails! If you are struggling with digital engagement you need to bring Björgvin YESTERDAY"
Dre Thompson
Director of TENWEST Impact Festival. 
Tucson, Arizona.
"His advice on writing and email marketing has dramatically changed my business."
"Like most audio engineers, I tend to be a little more audio-nerd than entrepreneur. Because of this, I frequently have "small business blind spots" which Björgvin has helped me to see and overcome. When he speaks, I take notes. His advice on writing and email marketing has dramatically changed my business. I don’t think anyone has anywhere near as much experience as he does...You have had a huge impact on me learning how to write decent emails and the benefit to my business was just bananas. It was tens of thousands of dollars in extra business just from random people that had forgotten about me. It was weird how it instantly worked!"​
Chris Graham
Mastering Engineer and Co-Host of the Six Figure Creative Podcast. Columbus, Ohio
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