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"I ordered this book...and I read it cover to cover by Tuesday. The first time in a long while I’ve done this with any book, let alone in this genre. Not only is the overall arc of the “story” and the advice therein incredibly well thought out and useful for anyone wanting to make more of their dream career, but the characters are amazing engaging and likable. Reading Casey’s story I immediately relate to him and his plight at the outset, and am left full of hope that it is possible to follow your dreams to a better future. I can see myself coming back to this book regularly to remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. Bravo Bjorgvin!"
- Matt French
"I really enjoyed this book about developing a business in the music industry. My interest in music production is purely a hobby but I feel a lot of the general business tips and techniques the author presents here would translate across a number of different industries and sectors, it has definitely given me a few ideas to help improve the way I run my carpentry business. The way the ideas are presented through both the narrative of Casey's development of his start-up and also the advice of his mentor works very well. The sections on pricing and the importance of work ethic and having a solid routine will resonate strongly with anyone who has ever started their own business, whether music related or otherwise. Highly recommended!

- B White
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