"The “Go Giver” Meets Rolling Stone. A meaningful and fun read!"  - Gina, Author and Business Coach
This Short And Powerful Business Book Reveals
How To Quit Your Job And Kickstart Your Creative Career So You Can Do What You Love Every Day
​Includes five exclusive Success Strategies worksheets to help you fast-track your success
Start Your Creative Business, Make A Full-Time Income And Succeed In Your New Career
Discover the five most important lessons you can apply as an entrepreneur that will help you grow your side-hustle into a sustainable and profitable six-figure business. I've found these lessons to be the core building blocks of a business that gives you the freedom and work/life balance you deserve, and now you will have the opportunity to implement them in yours to grow your career.
You'll Discover:
  • How to find quality clients and customers that pay you what you’re worth
  • How to sell your products and services without feeling sleazy
  • How to 10X your income and create the career you want with the right habits that make success inevitable
  • How to understand and serve your customers so well they keep coming back for more
  • How to diversify your income streams so that you can future-proof your success
No More Settling for a Dead-End Job or a Failing Side-Hustle That Never Seems to Pay the Bills.
About The Author
Björgvin Benediktsson
I help creatives transform their skills into income, grow their online business with digital products, and systemize their marketing so that they can spend more time with their family and friends while making a full-time living.

Unlike all-in-one consultants that give you an exhausting buffet of options that makes you queasy, I give you the right recipe to enjoy for creating a profitable business that gives you the freedom to create what you want, when you want.
What Are People Saying?
  • Björgvin hit this one out of the park. I love how he shares so many anecdotes from his real experiences that we can all relate to. His technical expertise speaks for itself. And although I was running a successful private recording studio I still have found myself learning so much from his experiences that I always purchase everything he publishes as soon as it is available. This man is the real deal. He really wants independent artists to succeed and his technical knowledge is on point. I love this book and I recommend it to anyone who wants to really up their game in the new music industry as an artist, engineer, or musicpreneur. Do yourself a favor and purchase this very real and inspiring piece of work. Your future self will thank you." 
    Rebecca De La Torre, Music Producer and Studio Owner
  • A number of business authors try to use the parable framework but few do it well. You Get What You Give is the exception because the author is a gifted storyteller and also has deep domain expertise in the music industry. Anyone who is trying to start or has started their own entrepreneurial endeavor as well someone who has an affinity for the music industry will enjoy and benefit from this book. It is clear that the author cares deeply about his readers and has surpassed the goal of “giving deeply." A meaningful and fun read!"
    Gina Catalano, Fractional COO, Author, Entrepreneur and Business Coach 
  • Filled with concrete steps that will undoubtedly help someone start and grow a business (any business) -- chapter 5 alone is worth the price of admission -- but like any strong parable, the characters are human beings who learn and grow. And their growth models how to grow a business, yes, but also how to see value in other people. It makes you think about success, and what that looks like for you. I'm glad I read it and I'm going to read it again. It's one of those books you can return to and always find something fresh and useful to apply at work...or at play."
    -Edward Elefterion, Musician, Theater Director and University Professor
Here for The Success Strategies Worksheets? Download Them Below.
If You've Read the Book, Refer to the Worksheets to Help You Succeed
Included in your purchase are the five success strategies worksheets that are referenced throughout the book. If you bought the paperback copy on Amazon or in a bookstore, you can download the worksheets here.
  • The Habit Hacks to Help You Make an Impact With Your Career
  • The Success Checklist to Keep You on Track Towards Your Goals
  • The Problem-Solving Cheatsheet to Better Position Yourself as the Go-To Person in Your Industry
  • The Product Brainstorm Blueprint Will Help You Diversify and Increase Your Income
  • ​​The Customer Canvas Will Help You Get More Gigs, Clients, and Customers for Your Projects